Who We Are

Medifocus, Inc. (TSXV-MFS, OTC-MDFZF) develops and commercializes minimally invasive treatment systems used in treatment of cancerous and benign tumors, and enlarged prostate, medically known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (“BPH”).  The Company owns two technology platforms with approximately 100 issued and pending US and international patents:

1. The “Endo-thermotherapy Platform”, and
2. The “Adaptive Phased Array Microwave Focusing Platform”.

Based on these proprietary technology platforms, the Company has developed two advanced therapeutic products: the Adaptive Phased Array (APA)-1000 system for treatment of breast cancer and the Prolieve® system for the treatment of BPH. The APA-1000 uses precisely focused and controlled microwave energy to shrink breast cancer tumors without side-effects on the surrounding tissues to produce better treatment outcomes. The Company has received regulatory approvals to complete the APA 1000’s pivotal Phase-III clinical trials, the final step before marketing approval. The U.S. FDA-approved Prolieve® System is a medical device based on endo-thermotherapy that both heats the prostate and dilates the prostatic urethra. The Prolieve® System is a minimally invasive in-office treatment option for the symptoms of enlarged prostate in men.  The Prolieve® System is a revenue generating product catering to the multi billion dollar BPH market. The Company is currently focusing on marketing Prolieve® for the treatment of BPH and accelerating the APA 1000 breast cancer system’s Phase III study.


  • Considered a true in-office therapy by Urologists because of its immediate symptom relief, little to no patient discomfort, and no need for sedation
  • Current Medifocus management and product development team actually designed and developed the product while at Celsion Corporation.
  • Existing nationwide network of nearly 250 physicians using Prolieve has been established

Medifocus’ strategy to capitalize on the proprietary Prolieve Thermodilation System is to generate recurring revenues through our mobile service and the sale of our disposable catheter kits.


  • APA system is approved by the FDA for use with radiation therapy.
  • Potential exists for the APA System to treat all forms of Breast Cancer and other Cancers.
  • APA system provides volumetric heating to treat very large solid tumors.
  • Unique Category-III CPT Code to position for insurance reimbursement approval.
  • APA system received the Investigational Testing Authorization (ITA) from Health Canada and the Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) from the Food and Drug Administration for conducting the pivotal phase III trial for breast cancer treatment in Canada and the United States.


The Company’s long term goal is to deploy these technology platforms to improve outcomes and standards of care in cancerous and benign tumors treatment.