Why Invest in Medifocus

Medifocus owns two patented microwave focusing technology platforms:

  1. The “Endo-thermotherapy Platform”, and
  2. The “Adaptive Phased Array microwave focusing Platform”.

The ability to target tumors with a precision controlled dose of heat can be used to destroy benign and cancerous tumors at higher temperatures, to treat tumors in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation at moderate temperatures for increased effectiveness and reduced toxicity and to trigger the targeted release of therapeutic drugs and genes at tumor sites at lower temperatures. While the core technologies have been licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Medifocus has further refined the precision of the microwave focusing and control ability and developed commercial systems dedicated exclusively for the treatment of BHP and Breast Cancer.

The company’s goal is to improve outcomes and standards of care by deploying minimally invasive treatments and devices.  The purchase of the   Prolieve® business  assets in July 2012 represents a significant business enhancement event for the Company. With Prolieve®, Medifocus now transforms from a development stage cancer treatment medical device company to a mature medical treatment systems and devices company with a revenue-generating commercial product for treatment of BPH and an innovative focused-heat breast cancer treatment system in advanced phase III clinical development. Using the Prolieve® technology platform and the APA focused-heat platform, the Company is well positioned to develop a rich pipeline of minimally invasive and side effect-free focused-heat treatment systems and devices for cancer and other diseases.