The Adaptive Phased Array Microwave Focusing Platform

The current Medifocus management team has been working with researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who had developed, originally for the U.S. Department of Defense, a microwave control technology known as “Adaptive Phased Array”(APA). This cancer treatment technology permits properly designed microwave devices to focus and concentrate energy targeted at diseased tissue areas deep within the body and to heat them selectively, without adverse impact on surrounding healthy tissue.

Based on the APA technology platform, the Company has developed the Adaptive Phased Array (APA)-1000 system which uses precisely focused and controlled microwave energy to shrink breast cancer tumors without side-effects on the surrounding tissues to produce better treatment outcomes. The Company has received regulatory approvals to complete the APA 1000’s pivotal Phase-III clinical trials.

The future goal for Medifocus is to further expand the capabilities of its APA microwave focusing technology platform to develop and commercialize other focused heat treatment systems for surface, subsurface and deep seated tumors anywhere in the body.

The Endo-thermotherapy Platform

Our Prolieve® Thermodilatation System for the treatment of BPH  was originally developed and commercialized by the current Medifocus management, product development, clinical and regulatory teams while at Celsion Corporation.  The U.S. FDA-approved Prolieve® System is a medical device based on endo-thermotherapy that both heats the prostate and dilates the prostatic urethra. The Prolieve® System is the only minimally invasive treatment option for the symptoms of enlarged prostate in men indicated by the FDA as an in office treatment alternative to drug therapy.