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How Our Breast Cancer Treatment Technology Works

Microwave is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves focused on tumors in the breast result in localized heating of the cancer cells. Higher water content of the breast tumor relative to the surrounding fatty tissue means preferential heating of the tumor and minimal damage to healthy tissue.

Microwave treatment can result in tumor necrosis, induced apoptosis (programmed cell death), or cell death -- and the heat enhances the effects of the chemotherapy drug, resulting in tumor shrinkages within a matter of weeks. In addition, focused microwaves have the ability to treat microscopic cancer tumors that cannot be seen.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that when used in conjunction with chemotherapy, Medifocus' patented system can significantly enhance outcome, improving the standard positive response rate by about 50 percent.

When using Medifocus' patented focused-microwave technology, a minimally invasive disposable catheter sensor is inserted into the breast under ultrasound guidance to provide feedback signals for microwave focusing and temperature measurement.

The breast is then immobilized by compression, which also serves to reduce blood-flow and increase the efficiency of heat delivery for effective treatment, and microwave energy is applied to the breast via two parallel-opposed microwave applicators.

A proprietary feedback, tracking, and control mechanism ensures that the microwave energy is focused on the center of the tumor, while a computer algorithm controls the amount of energy applied to the tumor, and monitors the temperature to ensure optimum effectiveness.
Photograph of the Medifocus, Inc. APA-1000 Breast Cancer Treatment System.


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