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Medifocus develops cancer treatments that use focused heat to kill cancer cells. The Company is currently commercializing proven proprietary technology that can reduce or eradicate tumors using intensely focused microwave heat, based on a technology platform that originated at MIT. The Company's goal is to improve outcomes and standards of care in cancer treatment. Its first indication, locally advanced breast cancer (LABC), involves large tumors that are generally treated first with chemotherapy and then by radical surgery if they do not respond to chemotherapy. Medifocus' technology can enhance the effects of chemotherapy and help to shrink these large tumors so that lumpectomy becomes an option rather than mastectomy, for a better surgical outcome and a more desirable personal outcome.

Company Profile

Medifocus owns a patented microwave focusing technology platform (the Adaptive Phased Array ("APA") technology), which can precisely target and control microwave energy to cause heating in cancerous tumors anywhere in the body reliably and repeatedly. The ability to target tumors with a precision controlled dose of heat can be used to destroy tumors at higher temperatures, to treat tumors in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation at moderate temperatures for increased effectiveness and reduced toxicity and to trigger the targeted release of therapeutic drugs and genes at tumor sites at lower temperatures. While the core technology has been licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Medifocus has further refined the precision of the microwave focusing and control ability and developed a commercial system dedicated exclusively for the treatment of Breast Cancer.

Medifocus, Inc. (TSXV-MFS, OTC-MDFZF.PK)
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